Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Franky, Oder?

Back onto German soil today, as I cross the Oder river from the Polish town of Słubice. I arrive one day earlier than expected but Tom welcomes me into his WG (shared flat). He's an International Business student who is just back from a cycling adventure for the last 7 weeks and is eager to hear about my time on the road. 
We hang out over the next few days talking about our outlooks on life and meeting his friends. There are many students from former Soviet block countries here in Frankfurt Oder. I learn that the university here offers Bachelor courses through English instead of German and this means that everyone speaks English as the default student language. 
Cycling back to Berlin (approx 100km) takes me less than 5 hours on a bright sunny day. There's a special feeling of doing these trips door-to-door only by bicycle. 

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